you can bitch all you want about personalized google searches limiting our exposure to the world outside of ourselves and blahblah, but google knows exactly what i mean when i search for “disco bones.” i have no time for your luddite shit when we can enjoy this kind of progress.


warm-up doodles

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also here’s some actual drawings from the class! 


This is beautiful.


April 21, 1972 — Astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke go on the first spacewalk of the Apollo 16 mission.


how many tumblr followers do you have mom

yeah that’s what i thought


Mabel pines and louise belcher w

Sebastian during photoshoots.

Remember when Steve dressed like a grandpa?

Fan: [talking about Sebastian’s favorite comic Bucky arc] No love for the gulag where he takes his shirt off and fights a bear? 


Batman Incorporated #1

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To be a good man is difficult. To be the best man you can be is even harder. Even though he doesn’t choose to wear his baggage on his sleeve, I think that’s his skill set. He doesn’t moan. There is a depth to him. There are always new things to find. (Evans)